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Stay hydrated this summer

Velocity Care explains the dangers of dehydration and provides information on how to keep your family well-hydrated during the hot summer months

What is dehydration?

The dictionary definition of dehydration is “a harmful reduction in the amount of water in the body.” This occurs when there is more fluid leaving the body than entering, and it can have dangerous consequences to your health.

Your body is made up of more than 75 percent water. To stay healthy and hydrated, you must maintain this...

  July 12, 2017   Dehydration 0 Comments   Read More

5 things you should know about pregnancy tests

Velocity Care takes a look at some of the most common questions about pregnancy tests and gives you the answers you need.

Scientists developed the first at-home pregnancy test in the late 1960s. It offered women the convenience of checking for a suspected pregnancy at home, without a visit to the doctor’s office. Through scientific and technological advancements, pregnancy tests are more accurate now, although they essentially work the same as when they were first introduced.

  July 9, 2017   Pregnancy 2 Comments   Read More

Understanding arthritis: Learn the 4 common types and how to manage the pain

Velocity Care unveils some of the mystery behind this prevalent and painful condition

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. Anyone from children to the elderly can suffer the symptoms. Living with arthritis is difficult, and it prevents countless people from enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle. You can manage the pain from this debilitating disease and minimize the effects – and the earlier you begin treatment, the better.

  July 8, 2017   Joints 2 Comments   Read More

What you need to know about mononucleosis

Velocity Care wants you to have the facts on mono to help protect yourself against this contagious disease.

Often referred to as the “kissing disease,” mono is extremely common and very contagious. Today we’ll explore the symptoms of this disease and learn ways to keep your family safe from contracting it.

  June 30, 2017   Illness, Disease 0 Comments   Read More

What is a tonsil stone?

Velocity Care explores the signs and symptoms of tonsil stones

Many people have never heard of tonsil stones. This affliction affects close to 10 percent of the population, and the number continues to grow as fewer people are receiving tonsillectomies.

  June 26, 2017   tonsil stone, tonsil 1 Comment   Read More

Sleep soundly tonight

Velocity Care looks at the symptoms and causes of insomnia and the amazing benefits of a good night’s sleep.

There is nothing better than lying in bed at night after a long day and drifting off to sleep. Unfortunately, for many, sleep isn’t something that comes easily. More than 70 million people in North America alone suffer from some type of sleep disorder. Whether you have difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep, sleep issues can pose a threat to your health and well-being...

  June 22, 2017   Sleep 0 Comments   Read More

What is tonsillitis?

Tonsils are the first responders; learn what happens when they’re infected

Your tonsils are two lymph nodes located on each side of the back of your throat. They’re designed to be a barrier for your throat. They trap germs and bacteria before they can get any further in your body, and they produce antibodies to fight off any infections. There are times, however, when your tonsils themselves get infected. This is tonsillitis.

Because of the similar symptoms, many people have trouble...

  June 16, 2017   tonsil 2 Comments   Read More

Oh, my aching ear!

Velocity Care explores the painful but common affliction of earaches

What is an earache?

Earaches are a common affliction, especially in young children, and are one of the top reasons for urgent care visits. This painful condition may feel like uncomfortable pressure in the inner ear or it may cause a burning or sharp stabbing sensation. The symptoms of an earache can range from mildly uncomfortable to severely painful.

There are many conditions that can cause an earache to occur. Often...

  June 13, 2017   Earache, Ear 0 Comments   Read More

What are ingrown hairs?

Anyone can get ingrown hairs, but they’re especially common with curly or coarse hair. Learn what you need to know to prevent them for popping up.

If you’ve ever shaved any part of your body, you may have noticed a bump or two that appeared in that area post-shave. Odds are, those bumps are ingrown hairs

An ingrown hair occurs when a hair that was growing normally curls up and grows back into your skin. While harmless, ingrown hairs can be frustrating to deal with. If they pop up on your...

  June 12, 2017   Ingrown hairs 0 Comments   Read More

Solving the mystery of your tonsils

Have you ever wondered what your tonsils are for? Velocity Care explains the purpose of this mysterious body part..

You probably know that your tonsils are located somewhere in your throat. But do you know their purpose? And why do so many people have their tonsils surgically removed?

  May 27, 2017   Illness 0 Comments   Read More

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