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  Jacob McKimm   December 11, 2015   Health, Winter, Weather, Myths, Season 0 Comments

3 health-related winter myths

Velocity Care uncovers the truth about staying healthy during the winter

Winter exerciseThe seasons are changing, so it’s time to get ready for an all-new set of health benefits and dangers. Winter not only changes what you wear, it also brings its own set of assumptions about how to keep healthy. There are several health-related myths that spring up during the winter that many people believe are true. Here are three such myths.

Myth 1: Winter does not have any allergy triggers.

One common belief is that allergies will go away during the winter because well-known allergens, like pollen, are rarely around during the cold weather months. However, this is false; allergies can and will flare up during the winter. Why? Because of indoor allergens, like dust. 

During winter, people stay indoors more often than they do in other seasons, which increases exposure to allergens (as well as germs) that exist indoors. In fact, people who have bad reactions to indoor allergens should have plenty of antihistamines on hand during the winter season.

Myth 2: You shouldn’t exercise when it’s cold outside.

Some people believe that you shouldn’t exercise in the winter because the cold temperatures make it harder to exercise properly, which might increase injuries. The truth is you can exercise in the cold just fine, unless you have certain health conditions.

Generally, cold temperatures are not a problem; the body will work to maintain its optimal temperature, no matter how cold it is outside. In fact, you’ll heat up fast because you’ll be moving. Of course, you should be wearing appropriate clothes before exercising outside when it’s cold.

But people with certain health conditions, like asthma, should be cautious before attempting to exercise in the winter. Cold air can increase the odds of an asthma attack happening. Also, individuals with heart problems should check with their doctors before exercising in the cold because of possible blood circulation issues.

Myth 3: You don’t need sunscreen during the winter.

Since it’s cold outside, you don’t need sunscreen, right?

False. Sunscreen is still important during the winter months. In fact, the Earth is actually closer to the sun during the winter than it is during the summer, so you are exposed to more sunrays than you would be during other times of the year. The ozone layer, which protects the Earth against UV rays, is at its thinnest during the winter, allowing more dangerous UV rays to get through. And, add to that, snow and ice reflect the sun. So you could actually be getting a double dose of UV rays. All of this leads to a higher risk of damage to your skin than during the summer.

With these three health-related winter myths debunked, you can have a healthier and happier winter. Winter carries its own health risks and benefits, but taking the right precautions can prevent danger and help you maintain the healthy habits you have when it’s warm outside.

If you think you’ve caught something during the winter, we can help. Check out Velocity Care’s list of services and visit one of our clinics.

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