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  Jacob McKimm   December 28, 2015   Health, Resolutions, Exercise 0 Comments

3 healthy New Year’s resolutions

Use these resolutions to start the year off right

New Years ResolutionsGetting healthy is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for adults and their families. The motivation behind getting healthy is clear: Being healthy will help you live longer and feel better both physically and mentally. This time of year, many people run into the question: How do I get healthy? We at Velocity Care have come up with three workable New Year’s resolutions that could help you stay healthy for the year to come.

  1. Get more exercise

Whether you’re currently getting no exercise at all or you get out a few times a week, there’s always room for improvement. Every year, many people make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, but most of those resolutions don’t stick after a few short months or even a week. Instead of making the broad resolution of losing weight in general, try making a resolution to exercise regularly instead.

Exercise has a lot of benefits. Some of them include:

  • A happier outlook on life

  • A fun activity to look forward to

  • Building up endurance so you can do more and varied activities throughout the day

Luckily, exercise comes in many forms. If you are just starting out, try simply walking for 30 minutes every day or every other day. Park a little farther away from a store entrance so that you can get a little more walking in and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Exercise doesn’t have to only mean going to the gym or running; consider swimming laps, joining a volleyball league or playing basketball. The more fun you have with it, the more successful you will be in reaching your exercise goals.

  1. Remove stress in your life

Another good New Year’s resolution is to remove or lessen the stress in your life. A little stress here and there is to be expected as a part of life. However, some studies show that constant stress can increase your risk for health issues like obesity and heart disease. If you’re finding yourself constantly stressed day in and day out, resolve to cut down the amount of stress in your life. Here are some ways to manage it:

  • Set aside some “me time” that doesn’t involve anything that typically causes you stress. Consider meditating during this time to clear your mind.

  • Spend some time – whether it’s a few hours or a few weeks – dedicated to completing a task that’s causing you stress.

  • See if you can find alternate and workable solutions for some of the problems causing you stress.

Even if you cut down on just a little bit of stress, you’ll be in better shape both mentally and physically. It is important to remember that some things are out of your control and it is therefore unnecessary to worry about them – especially since worrying only causes more strain and frustration in your life.

  1. Sleep more

Getting more sleep is a great, healthy New Year’s resolution. Sleep is one of our most important physiological processes because it literally keeps our bodies functioning.

Getting more sleep can:

  • Help you make better decisions more easily

  • Reduce feelings of hunger throughout the day

  • Give your body more time to make the physical repairs it needs

To get more sleep, try to go to bed earlier. To start, try getting to bed just five minutes earlier for one week, then 10 minutes earlier than usual the next. Work your way up to an hour. Squeezing in a nap during the day can also help you get the sleep you need to help your body function better. If you are doing chores or cleaning before bed, don’t vacuum the bedroom at least one hour before you lie down. Also, try to avoid looking at screens – including TVs, computer monitors and even your cell phone – starting at least 30 minutes prior to falling asleep because the light frequency they emit confuses your brain into thinking it’s still daytime so it won’t secrete the hormones that make you sleepy.

Getting healthy is a great New Year’s resolution for anyone because of the positive effects good health can have on every aspect of your life. With these three resolutions, you’ll have some simple but very effective ways to stay healthy throughout the new year.

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