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  Jacob McKimm   November 18, 2015   Health 0 Comments

3 of the best health apps for smartphones

Velocity Care reviews health-related apps to help you get and stay healthy

Healthy appsHealth-themed apps are gaining in popularity; it seems that no matter the health issue you want to track or cover – whether it’s healthy eating, staying fit, meditating or getting good sleep – there are plenty of apps to help you out. Instead of wading through the zoo of app store clutter to find the ones you need, check out the three apps below to help you stay healthy and happy.

  1. MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness is one of the best health apps for anyone who runs as part of an exercise routine. It includes a lot of features in an easy-to-use package.

MapMyFitness’ services include:

  • An interface that makes it easy to track how much you’ve walked or run
  • Predetermined routes for major cities so that you can get the most out of your run
  • The ability to track your workout gear (such as shoes) so you know when it’s time to purchase replacements
  • Setting up challenges to make exercising and dieting more fun and rewarding
  • Letting you easily find and join running groups so you can meet fellow runners
  1. HealthyOut

HealthyOut is a handy health app for those who don’t want to cook but still want to eat healthy. Simply input where you live and it will pull up information on healthy food in local restaurants.

HealthyOut can help you eat right when you’re out by:

  • Letting you set the maximum number of calories you want to consume while eating at a restaurant
  • Taking into account any dietary restrictions (such as gluten-free) to weed out restaurants and foods that won’t work for you
  • Determining the best food a given restaurant offers based on the input you provide
  1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a great app to help you wake up happy and full of energy. It works by waking you up when you’re sleeping at your lightest so you wake up more easily and in a happier state of mind in the morning. To get Sleep Cycle working, all you need to do is:

  • Set a general time you would like to wake up near.
  • Put the phone on your bed, near your pillow (tucking it underneath the fitted sheet will keep it from moving around).

The app will wake you up when you’re sleeping at your lightest, close to the time you told the app you’d like to get up. It’s easy to use and actually helps you get better sleep, which is important because sleep is one of the most vital processes your body undergoes.

These health apps are a great way to help improve your health. Of course, you can’t strictly rely on a smartphone app to get you healthy; it is important to keep in mind that many factors go into feeling and staying healthy, including visiting a health care provider when you feel sick.

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