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  Sloan Searcey   April 21, 2016   Children, Kids, Healthy 0 Comments

3 ways to keep your kids healthy

Velocity Care shares the importance of maintaining healthy habits within the home

ChildHappy.jpgKeeping your kids healthy sounds easy enough, but in today’s fast-paced, tech-savvy world it can be difficult to keep them away from fast food, video games and even the television.

Kid Healthy Week is an annual health observance that celebrates the strides that schools, teachers and parents take to improve health and overall wellness in children. Observed during the last week of April every year, it’s an opportunity to encourage nutrition, physical activity and learning – not just at school, but at home too.

Here are three ways you can keep your kids healthy and active at home:

  1. Make eating healthy a priority.

Diet and nutrition can greatly impact your child’s learning abilities so healthy eating should be priority number one.

Make a schedule for meals and snack times to ensure children are getting the nutrition they need at home. Fruits and vegetables are great snacks for in between meals. Try to avoid junk food. It’s high in sugar and saturated fats and has been directly linked to learning and memory impairment.

Kids should eat every three to four hours to keep their minds active, their spirits up and behaviors in check.

  1. Get kids off the couch and outside.

As kids get older, it can be a challenge keeping them physically active. Children and teens spend, on average, more than seven hours per day using computers, phones and other electronic devices for entertainment.

Encourage your children to get outside more – go to the park, ride bikes or play sports while they’re at home. Plan family outings or play dates to keep them moving. Research shows that kids who have active neighborhood friends are two to three times more likely to be active themselves compared to those who don’t live near friends.

Physical activity helps strengthen bones and muscles, boost self-esteem, relieve stress and improve sleep and mental health.

  1. Get your kids involved.

You don’t have to do it alone! Let your kids help you plan meals and activities.

Take them grocery shopping with you and have them pick out their fruits and veggies. This way you can figure out what your kids are willing to try, what they like and what they dislike. It also gets them out of the house.

Figure out what physical activities your kids are interested in as well. Do they like running, skipping, dancing or playing ball? Whatever it may be, you can help them explore a variety of sports or activities that pique their interest. And don’t forget to play with them and be active yourself. Children who regularly see their parents enjoying sports and physical activity are more likely to do so themselves.

If your children’s school isn’t participating in Every Kid Healthy Week, encourage them to join in so that children see the importance of being healthy at school, where they spend a majority of their time.

It’s important to keep your children active and eating right to ensure proper growth and wellness. If you are concerned your child isn’t getting the nutrition or exercise he or she needs, Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center is here to help. Use Every Kid Healthy Week as an opportunity to have your child’s annual physical. For other needs, visit www.velocitycare.com/healthcare-services to see a full list of services available to you and your family.

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