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  Natalie Fernandez   January 7, 2016   Lifestyle, Stay active 0 Comments

4 ways families can stay active indoors

Velocity Care shares tips on staying active in bad weather

Staying active insideStaying active is essential to good health, and it also can be fun. When most people think of ways to be active, they only think of being outdoors – like going for a run or taking the family to a local park. When the weather isn’t great, people often choose to stay inside, and therefore become less active. But even if the weather is bad, your family can still be active. And as a bonus, indoor activities with your family bring you closer together. So, don’t let bad weather keep you from being active. Here are four ways to stay active inside:

  1. Work out to a video.

Try a workout from any video you have at home or even online. Find one that you really enjoy, and it could become a fun, regular routine. Involve your family and friends and brighten up the dreary day. This will keep everyone in shape while having a great time. Or even if you are just watching TV, consider doing situps, pushups or jumping jacks during the dreaded commercial breaks.

  1. Play active games.

Dust off the Twister game or play some Wii Fitness. Look around the house and try to utilize what you have at home to create an active game. You can make one up or even play a traditional game such as:

  • Musical Chairs
  • Simon Says
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Hide and Seek
  • Freeze!

Participating in any of these games will bring fun and laughter to everyone. Another option that is perfect for rainy days is to create an indoor gym for your kids. You can include a swing and a rope for climbing.

  1. Play some music.

Put on some music from your phone or laptop and have a dance party on a rainy day. According to Fitness Blender, dancing burns many calories. For example, dancing salsa for one hour burns between 405 to 480 calories. To make it interesting, give each person a chance to play a song they like. Who knows? You might even learn a new dance move.

  1. Make cleaning fun.

Cleaning around the house doesn’t always have to be boring. You can make cleaning fun for everyone! Here are two ways:

  • Cleaning games – Try playing the beat-the-clock cleaning game. The rules are very simple. Once you have chosen a room to clean, estimate approximately how long it will take you to clean the room. Set a timer with your estimated time and begin to clean. Go as quickly as possible so you can beat the clock!
  • Clean to music – Put some rocking tunes on while you clean the house. Maybe create a playlist of upbeat music that will play automatically. This can make the time go by quickly and you might even forget you are cleaning.

In this age of Netflix and binge-watching TV shows, people aren’t as motivated to stay active while indoors. Next time it rains, don’t just sit on the couch and watch TV all day; get up and do fun activities that everyone can enjoy! These tips will help you and your family stay healthy. If you would like to check up on your health, come to Velocity Care, where our physicians provide the highest quality care with little or no wait time. Visit www.velocitycare.com/locations to find a walk-in clinic near you.

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