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  Shelby Leith   January 21, 2016   Children, Health, Child, Doctor 0 Comments

5 tips for easing your child's fear of the doctor

Velocity Care provides insight to ensure a stress-free urgent care visit

10112216_s.jpgIt is very common for toddlers and children to be fearful of visiting the doctor, especially if they visit an urgent care clinic and aren’t familiar with the physician. This fear often develops from past visits that included painful vaccinations, blood tests or other health care services. With some simple preparation and support from mom and dad, a child’s fears can easily be dispelled and a trip to a walk-in clinic can be a much less stressful experience.

  1. Teach your child about the doctor.

By educating your child about what happens at a clinic and why it is necessary to be seen by a physician, you can make the entire experience much more comfortable. There are numerous books available on the subject or you could role-play with your child, allowing him or her to be the doctor caring for you or a favorite teddy bear.

  1. Be honest with your child.

It is our first instinct to tell our child that it’s not going to hurt. This isn’t always the case though. We all know that a visit to the doctor can sometimes be uncomfortable, and it is important to be honest with your little one. Be open and let your child know why the little pokes and pinches are necessary and the reasons it’s so important to see the doctor for regular checkups. Reassure your child that everything will be over with quickly and that it will only hurt for a minute.

  1. Pick the right time to go.

Try to choose the optimal time for your child’s checkup. Pick a time when your child will not be tired or hungry. Make sure to allow plenty of time for the visit so you and your child don’t feel unnecessarily rushed or anxious. Choosing a time of day when your child is likely to be at his or her best will make the entire experience much more pleasant for everyone. It’s also a good idea to visit the urgent care clinic when it’s not an emergency to familiarize your child with the staff and physicians. That way, if you have an urgent need, your child will feel more comfortable because the urgent care clinic is a familiar place.

  1. Provide lots of support and encouragement.

Give your child all of the hugs and kisses that he or she needs during the visit. Hold hands, let your child sit on your knee and offer lots of encouragement. This reassurance will help to calm your child and ease his or her stress. Also, attempt to keep your own stress level under control. Your child can often sense when you are worried and uneasy, and these feelings can negatively affect you both. Being positive, calm and encouraging will leave positive memories that will make future trips to the doctor much more manageable.

  1. Provide a reward for good behavior.

Afterward, reward your little one for his or her good behavior and bravery. A trip to the park or a treat at the store can go a long way in creating an overall positive experience. Even if your child got upset during the visit, it is important to follow through with the reward. Knowing that there is something fun and exciting coming afterward will give your child something to look forward to next time.

By properly preparing your child for a visit to an urgent care clinic, you can help to create a much more pleasant experience for both of you. Your little one will be less stressed if he or she knows what to expect, has plenty of love and support and a treat to look forward to afterward.

Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center understands how scary a trip to see the doctor can be for a toddler or young child, and we strive to do everything we can to make that visit as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions about our services or would like to speak with one of our staff members, visit www.velocitycare.com/locations to find the contact information for the walk-in clinic closest to you.

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