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  Marjorie Comer   September 11, 2015   Health, Urgent Care, Clinic 1 Comment

Benefits of using urgent care

Velocity Care can save you time and money

39248508_sWhile your primary care doctor is usually your first stop when you’re feeling ill, that isn’t always an option that fits into your needs or schedule. There are a number of benefits to seeking care at an urgent care clinic.

Say it’s after 5 p.m. and your primary care physician’s office is already closed, but you need to be seen by a doctor. You know that going to the emergency room will take hours and will be a costly visit for the sake of addressing what you feel is – though pressing – a relatively minor ailment, all things considered. Do you decide to visit an emergency room or would an urgent care clinic better fit your needs?

Visit an urgent care clinic

Urgent care clinics can provide your family with the benefit of being seen by ER doctors without the ER wait.

By going to an urgent care clinic, you avoid having to schedule an appointment. The highly trained physicians there provide care for urgent medical problems, occupational medicine and primary care medicine when patients can’t get in to see their primary physicians quickly, as well as those wanting to avoid long wait times in the emergency room.

Urgent care clinics like Velocity Care fill the gap by providing accurate diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic treatments of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries in a timely, efficient manner and in a comfortable and friendly environment. Urgent care centers are also typically open non-traditional hours.

Another benefit of choosing an urgent care clinic is that, if you need it, you will be able to have an x-ray performed in a timely manner – no more waiting interminably while a half dozen people go before you.

If your illness or condition isn’t life-threatening but you feel that it needs to be addressed right away, urgent care may be the best choice for you.

Visit an emergency room

Emergency rooms are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are for the treatment of severe and life-threatening injuries.

You should go to the ER for any serious or life-threatening problems, including and not limited to severe chest pain, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, sudden loss of coordination, sudden weakness/numbness on one side of the body, coughing or vomiting blood, extensive rectal bleeding, seizures, pregnancy-related problems and snake bites.

Emergency rooms and hospital settings can offer additional specialty services to most accurately treat your symptoms. Because of this, you may experience wait times of 30 minutes to as much as several hours before a doctor sees you.

When you receive the bill, you may be faced with paying for the ER visit as well as paying a bill from the physician who treated you, which can be costly.

Here to help

We are here to help you and treat you to the best of our abilities. It is important to keep in mind that many urgent care clinics don’t accept incoming ambulances. If the physicians at the urgent care clinic you visit determine that it is necessary for you to be seen in an emergency room setting, they will often call an ambulance to transfer you.

Velocity Care is locally owned and operated by doctors who have families in the area and who know what it is like to wait for care in an emergency room. If you can’t get in to see your doctor, visit us today. Visit www.velocitycare.com/locations to see if we have a clinic near you.

 Uninsured patients benefit from saving money with the Value Card.

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