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Fun ways to keep kids active while school is out

Velocity Care shares ideas for summertime fun, both indoors and outdoors

Summerfun.jpgWhen school is out, it can be tough to find things to do to keep your kids active. Keeping your children active is an important part of encouraging an overall healthy lifestyle because it improves brain health and physical health. That's why we put together a list of fun activities to do during those long summer days.

If the weather is nice, put on sun protection to stay safe and get moving outside.


  1. Play in the water. Hook up a water sprinkler in your yard and have your kids run through the water stream. Another option is to purchase a small blowup or plastic pool to fill up. Add buckets, shovels, plastic cups and spoons for extra fun.
  2. Have a scavenger hunt. Make a list of different outdoor items. Give each child part of the list or have everyone work together as a team. Have them use a pail or bag to collect the items they find while searching. Some examples: a pinecone, a shell, a rock, a leaf bigger than your hand and a flower. Make sure none of the items are poisonous or harmful in any way.
  3. Take a walk. Meet your neighbors and explore your community by taking a walk, perhaps during evening time when it tends to be cooler. Consider attaching reflectors to your children’s clothes to ensure that others can see them.

When the weather is inclement or it’s too hot to be outside, try to include active indoor activities during the day.


  1. Play hide-and-seek. After putting away any dangerous or breakable items, select a person to count and be the finder. If you have younger children, mom or dad can carry them and let them play too. Count to 10 and stay quiet!
  2. Try a sensory activity. Find a variety of food items with different textures for your children to feel with their hands. You can blindfold older children and have them try to guess the food. Boiled, cooled pasta, Jell-O, dry rice or beans, peeled grapes and ice are all great suggestions.
  3. Dance to music. Turn on the radio to a kid-friendly station and turn it up! Local libraries usually have a CD collection with children’s songs that you can check out. It’s also fun for mom, dad, older siblings and other family members to let loose and shake it off.

Staying active can help ensure you and your children stay healthy all summer long. Nobody wants to be sick during summertime. If your child feels ill or becomes injured while participating in an activity, visit your nearest Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center for friendly professional care with little to no wait. And to prepare for unpredictable illnesses like strep throat, download our free e-book today.

Caring for strep throat

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