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  Marjorie Comer   August 4, 2016   Children, School, Child 0 Comments

Health tips for kids in school

Velocity Care offers ways to start the school year healthy

Velocity Care share health tips for kids in school. It is important to kick off the school year on the right (and healthy) foot.

Many parents feel overwhelmed with all there is to do before school officially starts. Having a checklist is a great way for you and your little ones to get ready for a terrific year.  

Velocity Care wants to make your life easier and healthier. We’ve created a handy back-to-school checklist that you can use as you prepare your family for the new school year.

In addition to the checklist, you and your family should keep in mind these important tips:

  • Before you visit the doctor, prepare a list of questions you’d like answered.
  • Update any prescriptions your child may need for the year.
  • Have your child checked for allergies.
  • If your child has allergies, especially food allergies, notify the school including the teacher, nurse and administration.

Following a checklist empowers you and gives you and your family a feeling of accomplishment. You can get your children involved by having them count how many tasks need to be completed and even checking the boxes off themselves.

Your primary care doctor may not always be available, especially with some parents waiting until the last minute to schedule an appointment. Know that you can rely on our neighborhood walk-in clinic to help your children have a healthy, successful year.

 Back-to-school health checklist from Velocity Care

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