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How to care for burns

Know what to do if you receive a burn

How to care for burnsYou are in the middle of baking when the kitchen timer goes off. The cookies in the oven are ready to come out. As you pull them out of the oven, your hand grazes the cookie sheet, and you yelp in pain. Inspecting your hand, you see a red mark beginning to appear. What do you do next?

According to the American Burn Association, an estimated 486,000 burn injuries received medical treatment in 2015. However, there are countless incidents of burns that are never reported or brought to a medical caregiver. Knowing how to treat and care for burns is essential in reducing injury impact.

Burns can happen quickly and most often occur within the home. Some of the more common ways people get burned include:

  • Burns from touching fire or flame.
  • Scalding burns from coffee, steam or hot water.
  • Thermal burns from an oven, curling iron or flat iron.
  • Electrical burns.
  • Radiation burns, like a sunburn or from cancer treatment.

For children, burns commonly occur in the kitchen when they grab something they shouldn’t. When cooking, keep children away from the stove and oven to prevent an accident.

If you feel pain, remove contact from the source to prevent further damage to the skin. Be prepared to handle a burn at home and know when to seek care if you or a family member gets burned. Download Velocity Care’s free guide How to Treat Burns to ensure you are informed and able to perform proper burn care.

How to treat burns, an eBook

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