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  Shelby Leith   July 12, 2016   Summer, Sunburn, Poison Ivy, Heatstroke, Accident, Swimming 0 Comments

How to stay injury-free this summer

Velocity Care looks into the 5 most common types of summer injuries and offers advice on how to stay safe.

Wear sunscreen to avoid sunburns. The sun is out; the weather is warm; the birds are singing; and summer has finally arrived! Along with all the glorious aspects of summer, however, comes a whole host of health hazards that you need to be aware of when spending time outdoors.

  1. Sunburn.

As wonderful as the summer sun can be, it can pose a threat to your health if not enjoyed responsibly. When out in the sun, skin should be well-protected with a high SPF sunscreen. Reapply sunblock every hour and immediately after swimming. Try to keep skin covered with light, breathable clothing and stay in the shade as much as possible.

A sunburn occurs from overexposure to ultraviolet rays. It can cause severe damage to the skin, which can be extremely painful and may lead to premature aging and skin cancer in the future.

  1. Heatstroke.

Exposure to very hot temperatures for extended periods of time can cause heatstroke. The body becomes unable to keep itself cool, which can lead to symptoms such as a fever, headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. If not treated quickly, this condition may cause seizures and fainting and can cause serious permanent brain damage or damage to other internal organs.

To prevent heatstroke and dehydration, it is best to stay indoors on days when the temperatures are extremely high. Use air conditioning or fans to keep cool and drink plenty of fluids. Limit your time outdoors and refrain from participating in any strenuous physical activity.

  1. Cuts and bruises.

It wouldn't be a typical summer without scraped knees and bruised elbows, especially for children. With more time spent playing outdoors, riding bicycles, playing tag and rollerblading, bumps and bruises are bound to happen. When they do, it is important to stay calm. Clean the area thoroughly with warm water and remove any debris. Apply an antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandage. Watch for any signs of infection, such as swelling or redness of the surrounding skin, or signs that there could be a broken bone. If anything seems out of the ordinary, or if the wound is extremely painful or isn't healing properly, visit your nearest urgent care clinic for a follow-up with a doctor.

  1. Poison ivy.

You can identify this pesky plant by its red stem and three pointed, almond-shaped leaves. When poison ivy leaves come into contact with the skin, they cause an allergic reaction. Symptoms of a rash, blisters and itching will appear soon after contact and may last for several days. Soothing oatmeal baths or calamine solution may provide some relief. In some cases, a severe allergic reaction may occur, causing anaphylaxis. For more severe cases, a trip to the urgent care walk-in clinic is in order.

  1. Swimming accidents.

Each year across the United States, numerous people are injured or die from accidents that happen while swimming. Most of these incidents involve young children. Always remember proper poolside safety and never allow running or horseplay near the water. Ensure that children are properly supervised when swimming and that all swimming pools have fences around them to protect children and pets from accidents.

Our team at Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center would like to wish everyone a safe and happy summer vacation. Our quick care clinics are open seven days a week to serve you and your family’s medical needs. If you have an urgent health issue and require immediate medical care, our doctors are on site and ready to assist you.

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