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  Shelby Leith   October 25, 2016   Health, Arthritis, Joints, Muscles 0 Comments

Keep your body mobile: Take care of your joints

Velocity Care looks at the importance of joint health as you age

Take care of your jointsJoints are comprised of connective tissues, which connect our bones and cartilage and allow us to bend and move. There are numerous types of joints throughout our body, such as ball-and-socket joints (as found in our shoulders), hinge joints (in our fingers), condyloid joints (like those in our wrists) and many more, which, when working properly, give us the ability to move as we should. The health of our joints is very important, and by keeping our bodies in good working order, we can ensure better mobility and flexibility as we age.

Common diseases affecting the joints

There are three predominant diseases and conditions that can compromise the health of your joints: arthritis, bursitis and joint injury.

  1. Arthritis: Arthritis is a very common condition, usually occurring more frequently as we age. Arthritis occurs when the connective tissue in the joints becomes chronically inflamed. This can cause symptoms of swelling, redness, stiffness and pain. It is also common for fluid to build up within the joints. As this disease progresses, the cartilage, bone and surrounding tissues can begin to break down, causing permanent disfigurement and disability.

  2. Bursitis: All of the joints in our body have a small sac inside them that is filled with a lubricating fluid. This sac acts as a cushion to allow for the smooth, friction-free movement of our body and is what keeps our bones and tendons from rubbing against one another. Bursitis is a condition where this fluid-filled sac (also called the bursa) becomes inflamed causing pain and swelling. This can occur from a systemic infection or, most commonly, from repetitive use and strain on one particular area of the body.

  3. Joint injury: An injury to a joint is extremely common, especially due to sports. Strains, sprains and fractures are all possible afflictions and can occur from repetitive use, blunt trauma or from sudden twisting or torquing of the joint. Swelling and pain can occur, and other diseases, such as arthritis, can set in causing long-term issues if the injury is not treated promptly and properly.

Keeping your joints in good health increases your longevity and quality of life and allows you to be active and flexible into your golden years. Knowing the proper way to care for your joints is a key part of that good health.

If you have questions about your joint health or you have a joint injury, visit your nearest Velocity Care walk-in clinic. Our friendly, qualified staff can treat all types of injuries and conditions affecting your joints, and with their care, you will be back in good health in no time. Learn more about properly caring for your joints and seek the care of a professional for serious injury.

Learn tips for how to care for your joints.  

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