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  Pauline Blum   August 6, 2015   Children, Health, Prevention, Family, School, Physical 0 Comments

Let’s get physical

August means time for a checkup

737286_sAs the first day of school quickly approaches, parents typically have one pressing thought they can’t get out of their minds: There is so much to do to get ready. Your children may need new school supplies, uniforms, permission slips and, yes, an annual physical.

Though an annual physical may seem like a burden, it is extremely important that your children see a family physician or pediatrician prior to beginning the school year. After all, all parents want their kids to be happy and healthy as they head back to the classroom.

Urgent care facilities are great options

While experts recommend that you establish a doctor whom your family sees regularly and who knows your children’s medical history, it’s often extremely difficult to schedule appointments – especially at this time of year. That’s why urgent care facilities are wonderful alternatives for back-to-school physicals. The doctors and nurses at credible urgent care facilities are experts in their fields and will provide the care and support your children need in a timely manner.

During your visit

At an annual physical, a doctor will discuss your child’s health and offer guidance on wellness. It’s an excellent time for you and your child to ask questions and talk about any concerns you may have regarding your child’s health and wellbeing. You can expect that your doctor will give your child a thorough physical examination. Common checks you can anticipate she will perform include:

  • Monitoring your child’s heart and respiration rate
  • Measuring blood pressure
  • Testing your child’s eyesight and hearing
  • Analyzing personal health and hygiene
  • Checking height and weight to ensure your child is growing appropriately
  • Screening for diseases such as anemia and diabetes
  • Administering any necessary vaccinations

It is likely that your pediatrician or physician will also offer advice on health habits such as diet and exercise.

Young athletes

The purpose of a sports physical is for a doctor to determine whether a child is in a healthy enough condition to participate in athletics. The examination is similar to a regular physical and must be administered within a six-week time frame prior to the beginning of a school-sponsored sports season.

During this time, your doctor can help your child rehabilitate any lingering sports injuries or other health concerns. At this visit, your physician and your child will discuss sports-related issues such as injuries, nutrition and exercise and training habits with your child. School sports physicals are important, but generally do not address your child’s overall physical health. It’s important to still have a thorough overall health examination.

Be sure to check to see if your child’s school has a specific physical form that needs to be filled out in order to participate in the sport of her choice. Some schools and districts require different forms.

Children need thorough physical exams as they age

As your children grow older and eventually reach puberty, their physical examinations will change. Your family pediatrician will likely form a more personal bond with your children and address any of their social, developmental or emotional concerns. The doctor will also discuss difficult topics many teenagers face including social pressures, eating disorders, anxiety and depression. During this pivotal time of your children’s emotional and physical development, it is important that they regularly see a doctor who will give them the help and information they need.

One visit a year can make all the difference

All children and adolescents must learn to balance their family time, school work, social lives and extracurricular activities. With all of the changes, trials and triumphs children and teenagers face, it’s important that they have a trustworthy pediatrician in their corner to monitor their health and answer their questions. Simply visiting the doctor’s office once a year with your children can make all the difference for their overall well-being.

For more information on physicals, visit www.velocitycare.com for an appointment at one of our clinics.

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