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How do I treat abscesses and boils?

What are they and what are the symptoms?

Has your skin ever become inflamed for what seemed like no apparent reason? Your skin has tons of bacteria on it, which are usually harmless. However, sometimes bacteria travel down the hairs on your skin to the hair follicle or even enter the skin through openings like scrapes and cuts. When this happens, you may get an infection known as an abscess or boil.

  May 22, 2017   Abscess 0 Comments   Read More

A guide to summer activity safety: 4 ways to stay safe while spending time outside this summer

Velocity Care looks at the safest ways to approach summer fun

Summer is almost here, which means in addition to all the summer-related activities, there are hazards to contend with. Even if you or your kids are just in the backyard, there could be something harmful to your health lurking around the corner. While having fun in the sun, keep these four safety concerns in mind.

  May 18, 2017   Summer, Outdoors 0 Comments   Read More

Hand, foot and mouth disease

With the rising incidence of this disease in Louisiana and Arkansas, Velocity Care gives you the information you need to keep your family healthy.

What is hand, foot and mouth disease?

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) was once extremely rare in North America, with most cases occurring in Asia and Africa. A strain of this disease, however, has become quite common in the United States, with recent outbreaks occurring in the South. HFMD is contagious and usually affects children under the...

  May 16, 2017   Illness, Disease 0 Comments   Read More

5 ways to keep kids safe while swimming

Velocity Care provides tips to stay safe at the beach or pool

As the days heat up, swimming pools and beaches begin to look more inviting. You can make many wonderful summer memories while outdoors relaxing by the pool with family and friends or building sandcastles near the ocean. Swimming is a huge part of summer fun, but it’s important to remember swimming safety, especially when children are with you. Here are five tips to make sure you and your family have a fun and safe summer out in...

  May 14, 2017   Sports, Swimming, Sport safety 0 Comments   Read More

Understanding hives

Velocity Care in Louisiana and Arkansas explores the causes and symptoms of this uncomfortable skin condition

What are hives?

Hives, also known as urticaria, are an uncomfortable condition that appear on the skin. Red, raised welts are the characteristic sign of hives, and each of these individual welts usually lasts no longer than six to 12 hours, causing the rash to constantly change appearance, shape and sometimes location on the body. Hives usually come on quite suddenly and can last...

  May 12, 2017   Allergies, Allergy 0 Comments   Read More

What are common tennis-related injuries?

6 ways you can prevent injuries while playing tennis

Tennis is a sport that appeals to people of all ages. It’s easy to learn and it’s fun to practice. Tennis is a great way to stay fit: You can burn anywhere from 250 to over 600 calories in an hour while playing! Since it’s such an active sport, injuries are common; so it’s important that you’re informed and know how to prevent getting hurt.

  May 11, 2017   Sports, Sport safety 0 Comments   Read More

Lumbago: How to prevent or reduce lower back pain

Velocity Care helps you keep your back strong

Millions of Americans will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. It’s one of the most common reasons people take time off from work, and it’s one of the top reasons for disability claims. Understanding lower back pain and how to prevent it is a step toward ending the suffering and living a pain-free life.

  May 4, 2017   Injury 3 Comments   Read More

How sports injuries impact children

4 ways to protect your children from sports-related injuries

Michael had a long day at his baseball tournament in the middle of the summer. After three hours of back-to-back games, he became groggy during his championship game due to dehydration. Because his head wasn’t in the game, he injured himself while sliding into home base.

Children are at a higher risk for injury than adults when it comes to sports like basketball, football, baseball and soccer because they’re still developing and...

  April 30, 2017   Sports, Outdoors, Sport safety 0 Comments   Read More

4 dangers lurking in your backyard

Velocity Care shares what to look out for when you spend time outside

With warmer weather approaching, outside activities become more frequent. While it might be a perfect day to have fun in the sun, it’s important to keep in mind the potential dangers that can affect your family’s health in your own backyard.

Here are four things to be mindful of when you or your children spend time outdoors.

  April 27, 2017   Outdoors 0 Comments   Read More

Breathe easy knowing the signs of sinusitis

Learn to identify the symptoms of a sinus infection and what treatment options are available to you

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is another term for a sinus infection. It occurs when the sinus cavities, which are normally filled with air, become blocked and filled with fluid and mucus. This can happen for many different reasons, such as the common cold, allergies, polyps in the nasal cavities or a deviated septum. When the sinuses become blocked, they hold germs and bacteria, causing...

  April 24, 2017   Allergies, Sinus infections, Allergy, Sinus 1 Comment   Read More

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