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Recommended sleep for children

7 steps to establishing a sleep routine

Recommended sleep for childrenFor a variety of reasons, parents often forget or overlook the bedtime routine. Lack of sleep can be detrimental to kids’ health and their ability to stay focused, especially during the long school day.

The recommended sleep for children lengths vary according to age. Learn how much sleep your child should get each night with our infographic.

If you don’t have a healthy sleep routine in place, use these seven steps to create one.

  1. Turn off electronic devices – like the TV – at least one hour before bedtime.
  2. Give your child a bath and brush his or her teeth.
  3. Change into pajamas.
  4. Keep lights dim or use a lamp.
  5. Read a book. If you say prayers, say them after reading. 
  6. Establish a specific time for lights out.
  7. Encourage your children to stay in bed and don’t immediately enter the room if they start to cry or fuss as they may put themselves back to sleep.

Some parents find it helpful to include a white noise machine or a fan in a child’s room. These help minimize noises that might disturb or frighten children and also helps them get to sleep quicker.

Having a nighttime sleep routine also helps ensure that your child doesn’t oversleep in the mornings. It is important to maintain the sleep routine, even on the weekends. Otherwise, your child may stay up late and sleep in too long, thus throwing off the rhythm for the next week or even month.

Ensuring your children get plenty of sleep improves your own well-being too. Getting a good night’s sleep yourself will improve your health and reduce your risk of heart attack. It is important to start each day feeling well-rested.

Children have different requirements as they grow and knowing how much they need to sleep is important to their development. Visit your nearby Velocity Care walk-in clinic for a well visit and find out more great tips for bedtime routines today.

How many hours of sleep should my child get each night?

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