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How do I treat abscesses and boils?

What are they and what are the symptoms?

Has your skin ever become inflamed for what seemed like no apparent reason? Your skin has tons of bacteria on it, which are usually harmless. However, sometimes bacteria travel down the hairs on your skin to the hair follicle or even enter the skin through openings like scrapes and cuts. When this happens, you may get an infection known as an abscess or boil.

  May 22, 2017   Abscess 0 Comments   Read More

Identifying an abscess

When is it time to visit an urgent care clinic to seek treatment for an abscess?

What is an abscess?

An abscess is an infection under the skin that is caused from bacteria that have entered the skin through an inflamed hair follicle, sweat gland or tiny rupture in the skin or tissue. The inside of an abscess will begin to fill with pus and dead skin cells, which causes the outer skin to become red, swollen and very tender.

  December 12, 2016   Abscess 0 Comments   Read More

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