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Caring for burns?

Learn when to seek professional care for your burn

It’s the holiday season and you are cooking a nice meal for your family. As you are pulling the perfectly cooked roast out of the oven, your unprotected arm grazes the side of the oven and immediately, you feel the pain of the burn. You quickly assess and wonder, “What's the best way for caring for burns? Do I need to see a doctor?”

  November 15, 2016   Burns, Burn 0 Comments   Read More

Firework safety tips

Velocity Care offers tips to stay safe while enjoying your fireworks

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, it’s extremely important to know the proper handling techniques when working with fireworks. Independence Day is the largest celebration with fireworks throughout the U.S., and Americans spend millions of dollars on explosives across the country each year. These incredible displays of light and sound can be breathtakingly beautiful, but they can be extremely dangerous as well.

  June 30, 2016   Children, Health, Teen, Adult, Adolescent, Toddler, Burns, Safety, Fireworks, Child, Adults 0 Comments   Read More

How to care for burns

Know what to do if you receive a burn

You are in the middle of baking when the kitchen timer goes off. The cookies in the oven are ready to come out. As you pull them out of the oven, your hand grazes the cookie sheet, and you yelp in pain. Inspecting your hand, you see a red mark beginning to appear. What do you do next?

  June 14, 2016   Health, Teen, Adolescent, Toddler, Burns, Burn, Child, Sunburn, Adults 0 Comments   Read More

Ouch! That’s hot!

Caring for minor burns

There are few injuries that are as painful and aggravating as a burn. Whether you accidently placed your hand on a stove, touched a hot curling iron or sunbathed for too long, that excruciating sting can often linger for several days and sometimes even weeks. Although minor burns are uncomfortable, they are common and definitely treatable if you take the proper steps.

  September 23, 2015   Wound, Burns, First aid 0 Comments   Read More

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