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Healthy habits that benefit all ages

Velocity Care shares 4 habits to improve your quality of life

Velocity Care listed our top four habits you can have to improve your quality of life. These habits aren’t mutually exclusive; when you implement one healthy habit you improve your entire well-being, and these are healthy habits that benefit all ages.

  September 19, 2016   Health, Exercise, Diet, Sleep, Habits 0 Comments   Read More

7 ways to eat right this holiday season

Velocity Care shares tips on how to avoid overeating this holiday season

The holidays are a time for celebration, giving thanks and spending time with the ones we love. Unfortunately for many of us, the holidays can also be a time for overindulgence, resulting in unwanted weight gain that can be hard to lose over the winter months.

  November 9, 2015   Holidays, Diet, Food 0 Comments   Read More

Obesity: America’s big problem

What is obesity and how can it affect you and your family?

With more than 30 percent of the population of Shreveport, Louisiana, and Little Rock, Arkansas, reported as obese, both cities rank in the top 100 fattest cities in America.

  September 17, 2015   Health, Exercise, Diet, Obesity, Prevention, Well 0 Comments   Read More

How to pack a healthy lunch

Tips on how to assemble healthy lunches for you and your children

It’s important for you – as well as your children – to have lunches that will help you stay focused and able to complete the tasks you need to accomplish throughout the day. While breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, lunch is just as important. Eating lunch keeps your metabolism going, which helps you maintain a healthy weight. Proper nutrition will also help prevent you and your children from getting...

  August 31, 2015   Children, Health, Adult, Diet, Food, Prevention 0 Comments   Read More

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