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Oh, my aching ear!

Velocity Care explores the painful but common affliction of earaches

What is an earache?

Earaches are a common affliction, especially in young children, and are one of the top reasons for urgent care visits. This painful condition may feel like uncomfortable pressure in the inner ear or it may cause a burning or sharp stabbing sensation. The symptoms of an earache can range from mildly uncomfortable to severely painful.

There are many conditions that can cause an earache to occur. Often...

  June 13, 2017   Earache, Ear 0 Comments   Read More

What an ear infection looks like

Velocity Care understands the pain of an ear infection

Ear infections are quite unpleasant. They can cause a great deal of pain and make it difficult to eat and sleep. An ear infection is caused by fluid trapped in the middle ear. It’s a secondary infection, similar to bronchitis, and usually stems from bacteria or a virus that causes the swelling and congestion of Eustachian tubes, nasal passages and the throat.

The Eustachian tubes control air pressure in the ears and drain fluid from...

  November 23, 2016   Infection, Ear 0 Comments   Read More

All about the ear

Four common ear problems and what can cause them

Our ears have three main parts: outer, middle and inner. The outer ear collects sounds and includes the ear canal, where earwax is produced. The middle ear takes sound waves and turns them into vibrations that are delivered to the inner ear. The inner ear has a small, curled tube called the cochlea that creates nerve signals that the brain understands as sound. All of these parts are necessary for hearing.

  March 22, 2016   Infection, Healh, Ear 0 Comments   Read More

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