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Healthy habits that benefit all ages

Velocity Care shares 4 habits to improve your quality of life

Velocity Care listed our top four habits you can have to improve your quality of life. These habits aren’t mutually exclusive; when you implement one healthy habit you improve your entire well-being, and these are healthy habits that benefit all ages.

  September 19, 2016   Health, Exercise, Diet, Sleep, Habits 0 Comments   Read More

Exercise outside the box

Velocity Care shares different ways to work out

As you get older, you may spend more time sitting in front of a desk or in front of a screen – computer, TV or movie – and you may spend less time being active. For many people, exercising can be a dreaded task. If you make it fun, you may not realize how much exercise you are really getting, and you can greatly improve your health.

We compiled a list of different ways that you can get back to exercising while having fun!

  May 24, 2016   Health, Fitness, Exercise 0 Comments   Read More

Fun ways to keep kids active while school is out

Velocity Care shares ideas for summertime fun, both indoors and outdoors

When school is out, it can be tough to find things to do to keep your kids active. Keeping your children active is an important part of encouraging an overall healthy lifestyle because it improves brain health and physical health. That's why we put together a list of fun activities to do during those long summer days.

  May 5, 2016   Children, Summer, Fitness, Teen, Exercise, Adolescent, Toddler, Active, Family, Staying active, Child, Kids 0 Comments   Read More

3 healthy New Year’s resolutions

Use these resolutions to start the year off right

Getting healthy is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for adults and their families. The motivation behind getting healthy is clear: Being healthy will help you live longer and feel better both physically and mentally. This time of year, many people run into the question: How do I get healthy? We at Velocity Care have come up with three workable New Year’s resolutions that could help you stay healthy for the year to come.

  December 28, 2015   Health, Resolutions, Exercise 0 Comments   Read More

Obesity: America’s big problem

What is obesity and how can it affect you and your family?

With more than 30 percent of the population of Shreveport, Louisiana, and Little Rock, Arkansas, reported as obese, both cities rank in the top 100 fattest cities in America.

  September 17, 2015   Health, Exercise, Diet, Obesity, Prevention, Well 0 Comments   Read More

5 secrets to a healthy school year

Kick off the school year right: the healthy way

As the new school year rapidly approaches for many area children, Velocity Care wants to help you start off on the right foot with tips on beginning the school year the smart way. Here are a few great ways to keep your children healthy throughout the year:

  July 25, 2015   Children, Health, Wellness, Exercise, Prevention, Family, School 0 Comments   Read More

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