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School lunches to pack or to buy?

Make an informed decision to pack or buy lunches

Parents want to be sure their children are eating nutritious lunches at school that give them the fuel they need to stay focused through the day. Many parents ask what's best, school lunches to pack or to buy? Is it better to pack a homemade lunch or have your child purchase lunch from school? Velocity Care offers some information to help you decide.

  August 28, 2016   Children, Food, School, Child 0 Comments   Read More

The dangers of food allergies

Velocity Care provides you with vital information on food allergies and how to keep your family safe

It seems food allergies are becoming much more common. Avoiding the triggers and knowing the symptoms of an allergic reaction are important in keeping our families safe.

Velocity Care wants you to be prepared if you or a member of your family has an allergic reaction to food.

  May 17, 2016   Health, Senior, Teen, Adult, Toddler, Diarrhea, Nausea, Food, Allergy, Kids, Vomiting 0 Comments   Read More

5 food safety tips for the holiday season

Velocity Care shares tips to safely enjoy holiday meals

As the holidays approach, we look forward to feasting with our families and spending time cooking and baking in the kitchen. Delicious meals shared with loved ones is part of what brings joy to this season, but food that is handled or prepared incorrectly can bring illness instead.

Here are five helpful tips from Velocity Care to keep you happy and healthy during the holidays.

  December 22, 2015   Food, Healh, Foodborne illnesses, Food poisoning 0 Comments   Read More

What can vitamins in your foods do for you?

Tips from Velocity Care for getting the nutrients you need

A visit to any pharmacy or health food store can leave you overwhelmed with the vast assortment of different vitamin and mineral supplements available. How do you know which ones to choose when faced with so many confusing options? Before you buy, take a look at the foods you ingest. It is important to note that enjoying a healthy, varied, whole food diet is the best way to receive nutritional benefits.

  December 15, 2015   Health, Vitamins, Wellness, Food, Healthy eating 0 Comments   Read More

7 ways to eat right this holiday season

Velocity Care shares tips on how to avoid overeating this holiday season

The holidays are a time for celebration, giving thanks and spending time with the ones we love. Unfortunately for many of us, the holidays can also be a time for overindulgence, resulting in unwanted weight gain that can be hard to lose over the winter months.

  November 9, 2015   Holidays, Diet, Food 0 Comments   Read More

7 uses for Halloween candy

What to do with leftover candy besides eat it

It’s that time of year when candy takes over many aspects of life. From parties at school or church to nights of festivities, it can be overwhelming, and sugar levels are bound to skyrocket through the roof. Trick-or-treating on Halloween night is one of every child’s favorite activities, but once it’s over, parents have the predicament of figuring out what to do with all that candy their children have collected. At Velocity Care we came up with...

  October 7, 2015   Children, Fall, Food, Halloween 0 Comments   Read More

How to pack a healthy lunch

Tips on how to assemble healthy lunches for you and your children

It’s important for you – as well as your children – to have lunches that will help you stay focused and able to complete the tasks you need to accomplish throughout the day. While breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, lunch is just as important. Eating lunch keeps your metabolism going, which helps you maintain a healthy weight. Proper nutrition will also help prevent you and your children from getting...

  August 31, 2015   Children, Health, Adult, Diet, Food, Prevention 0 Comments   Read More

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