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Why is brain injury awareness so important?

Louisiana and Arkansas clinics raise awareness for Brain Injury Awareness Month

Often, children don’t wear helmets when riding their bikes or when skating around the neighborhood. What’s worse, as they grow and start riding further and faster, they wear their helmets even less. Both children and adults tend to believe they’re invincible. However, did you know that 40 percent of all traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. happen due to a fall?

Understanding what causes brain injuries is...

  March 3, 2017   Head 0 Comments   Read More

Does my child have a concussion?

Velocity Care shares signs and symptoms of a concussion

It’s a Saturday morning and you are cheering on your child’s team as they take the lead. You watch from the sidelines as your child races toward the goal, only to see him on the ground the next moment from a hit. The coach rushes to your child’s side. He shakily gets to his feet. You wonder: Does he have a concussion?

  July 8, 2016   Health, Head, Injury, Concussion 0 Comments   Read More

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