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What medicines should I have in my medicine cabinet?

Velocity Care shares the importance of a well-stocked medicine cabinet

It’s the middle of the night and you wake up with a sore throat. You slowly start moving to the medicine cabinet to search for some sort of relief. You shake the bottle only to find that nothing comes out. Now you’re stuck suffering in pain until a store opens or you can get to the doctor.

Have you ever found yourself sick without the medication you need to feel better? How often have you discovered the medicine you have...

  January 27, 2017   Health, Wellness, Medicine 0 Comments   Read More

Your family’s health history is important

Learn more about your family's health to protect yourself

Whenever you go to a new doctor, you fill out a variety of new patient forms and are frequently asked about your:

  • Mother’s health.
  • Father’s health.
  • Siblings’ health.
  • Paternal grandparents’ health.
  • Maternal grandparents’ health.

You may be left wondering what you forgot. Did you accurately name all family illnesses? Which conditions are actually important to mention? Knowing your family’s medical health history allows your...

  November 17, 2016   Health, Family 0 Comments   Read More

Keep your body mobile: Take care of your joints

Velocity Care looks at the importance of joint health as you age

Joints are comprised of connective tissues, which connect our bones and cartilage and allow us to bend and move. There are numerous types of joints throughout our body, such as ball-and-socket joints (as found in our shoulders), hinge joints (in our fingers), condyloid joints (like those in our wrists) and many more, which, when working properly, give us the ability to move as we should. The health of our joints is very...

  October 25, 2016   Health, Arthritis, Joints, Muscles 0 Comments   Read More

What is a sinus infection?

Learn the symptoms and treatment options for a sinus infection

With the change in weather comes the unfortunate chance for illness. You may feel achy, experience a headache and a fever and deduce that you’ve caught a cold. Most of the time, a cold runs its course in about 10 days, sometimes less.

  September 28, 2016   Health, Infection, Sinus 0 Comments   Read More

Healthy habits that benefit all ages

Velocity Care shares 4 habits to improve your quality of life

Velocity Care listed our top four habits you can have to improve your quality of life. These habits aren’t mutually exclusive; when you implement one healthy habit you improve your entire well-being, and these are healthy habits that benefit all ages.

  September 19, 2016   Health, Exercise, Diet, Sleep, Habits 0 Comments   Read More

How to fight inflammation

Velocity Care discusses the dangers of chronic inflammation

Many people don’t understand inflammation and how it impacts the body. Chronic inflammation can cause serious issues in your health. You may even be making an inflammation issue worse without knowing what triggers it. Velocity Care offers important information about what causes inflammation and how to reduce a chronic case.

  September 12, 2016   Health 0 Comments   Read More

5 most common autoimmune diseases

Explore the signs and symptoms of the most common types of autoimmune disorders

What is an autoimmune disorder?

Our immune systems work to keep our bodies healthy by attacking invading cells such as viruses or bacteria that could potentially make us sick. In some instances, however, the immune system may malfunction and begin to attack healthy cells in the body. This is called an autoimmune disorder, and it is unknown what the exact causes of this type of disease are.

  September 6, 2016   Health, Disease, Wellness, Disorder, Autoimmune 0 Comments   Read More

How to tell if your child needs glasses

Velocity Care offers important tips for healthy eyes

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, about 80 percent of preschoolers don’t receive vision screenings and nearly 25 percent of school-aged children have vision problems.

August is eye health and safety month and a great time to get your child’s eyes examined (and your own eyes too).

  August 25, 2016   Children, Health, Eyes, Child 0 Comments   Read More

Teach healthy hand-washing techniques

Velocity Care explains the necessity of properly washing your hands

One of the most important ways to stay healthy is simply through washing your hands properly. Hand-washing is an essential way to stop the spread of germs and prevent some of the common illnesses found in children. 

Proper hygiene begins at home.

  August 17, 2016   Children, Health, Hands, Adolescent, Safety, Child 0 Comments   Read More

7 common back-to-school illnesses

Velocity Care shares typical school-related ailments

With the start of the school year quickly approaching, parents often forget that once school starts, an onset of various illnesses can occur that they must combat. Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center compiled a list of common illnesses and how to best prepare for (and hopefully avoid) these ailments throughout the school year. 

  August 12, 2016   Children, Health, Illness, School, Child 0 Comments   Read More

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