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4 reasons why eating your fruits and veggies is important

Velocity Care provides you with the facts on nutrition to help you make the healthiest food choices for your family

Growing up, most of us were constantly reminded to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, whether from our parents, our doctors or even from commercials on TV. There is a reason why eating your fruits and veggies is important. There are a number of health benefits that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can provide. We created a list of benefits you and your family can get from...

  September 1, 2016   Healthy eating, Fruit, Vegetables 0 Comments   Read More

6 changes for a healthier life

Make 2016 your happiest, healthiest year yet

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make some changes and start some new habits that will help to create a happier, healthier you. Here are six easy-to-follow tips from Velocity Care that will help you start the new year off right by making a positive impact on your health.

  January 15, 2016   Health, Healthy eating, New Year 0 Comments   Read More

What can vitamins in your foods do for you?

Tips from Velocity Care for getting the nutrients you need

A visit to any pharmacy or health food store can leave you overwhelmed with the vast assortment of different vitamin and mineral supplements available. How do you know which ones to choose when faced with so many confusing options? Before you buy, take a look at the foods you ingest. It is important to note that enjoying a healthy, varied, whole food diet is the best way to receive nutritional benefits.

  December 15, 2015   Health, Vitamins, Wellness, Food, Healthy eating 0 Comments   Read More

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