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Are you sniffling and sneezing? It may be a URI

Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment options for an upper respiratory tract infection

Upper respiratory tract infections are the most common illness seen in the United States and account for millions of visits to urgent care clinics each year. A number of viruses and bacteria can cause these infections, and they can produce a whole range of uncomfortable symptoms. Since you will most likely experience an upper respiratory tract infection several times in your life, it’s important...

  April 12, 2017   Infection 0 Comments   Read More

What an ear infection looks like

Velocity Care understands the pain of an ear infection

Ear infections are quite unpleasant. They can cause a great deal of pain and make it difficult to eat and sleep. An ear infection is caused by fluid trapped in the middle ear. It’s a secondary infection, similar to bronchitis, and usually stems from bacteria or a virus that causes the swelling and congestion of Eustachian tubes, nasal passages and the throat.

The Eustachian tubes control air pressure in the ears and drain fluid from...

  November 23, 2016   Infection, Ear 0 Comments   Read More

What is a sinus infection?

Learn the symptoms and treatment options for a sinus infection

With the change in weather comes the unfortunate chance for illness. You may feel achy, experience a headache and a fever and deduce that you’ve caught a cold. Most of the time, a cold runs its course in about 10 days, sometimes less.

  September 28, 2016   Health, Infection, Sinus 0 Comments   Read More

What you need to know about yeast infections

Learn more about yeast infections and how to care for this women’s health issue

Yeast infections are very common. An estimated 3 out of 4 women will experience one at some point in their lifetime. This type of infection occurs in the vaginal area, where it is moist and dark – the perfect environment for fungal yeast to grow. Also known as candidiasis, these infections can be very uncomfortable, but are usually easy to treat.

  September 22, 2016   Infection, Yeast Infection 2 Comments   Read More

What is hepatitis?

Be aware of the facts to help prevent hepatitis

Viral hepatitis is inflammation of the liver caused by a virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it causes approximately 1.45 million deaths each year.

World Hepatitis Day is one of only four official disease-specific world health days. In 2010, WHO declared July 28 World Hepatitis Day.

There are five different hepatitis viruses: hepatitis A, B, C, D and E.

  July 26, 2016   Disease, Vaccines, Adult, Infection, Hepatitis 1 Comment   Read More

Is it possible to avoid mosquito-borne illnesses?

Velocity Care explains how to keep your family safe

The West Nile virus … malaria … yellow fever … and now the Zika virus. For such a tiny insect, the mosquito causes more human suffering and anxiety than perhaps any other organism. According to the World Health Organization, mosquito-borne illnesses sicken hundreds of millions of people each year. There are only two places on Earth without mosquitoes (Antarctica and Iceland); the rest of us will have to learn to tolerate and adapt to the...

  July 5, 2016   Health, Illness, Summer, Wellness, Infection, Mosquito 0 Comments   Read More

All about the ear

Four common ear problems and what can cause them

Our ears have three main parts: outer, middle and inner. The outer ear collects sounds and includes the ear canal, where earwax is produced. The middle ear takes sound waves and turns them into vibrations that are delivered to the inner ear. The inner ear has a small, curled tube called the cochlea that creates nerve signals that the brain understands as sound. All of these parts are necessary for hearing.

  March 22, 2016   Infection, Healh, Ear 0 Comments   Read More

Does this look infected?

How to care for a minor wound and spot an infection

At some in our lives we all suffered from minor cuts or scrapes. These minor injuries generally heal on their own with no real medical intervention necessary. However, if bacteria enter into the wound, they can cause a potentially serious infection. Velocity Care offers advice on caring for minor wounds and knowing when you should seek medical attention for an infection.

  January 28, 2016   Wound, Infection, Urgent Care, Care 2 Comments   Read More

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