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Lumbago: How to prevent or reduce lower back pain

Velocity Care helps you keep your back strong

Millions of Americans will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. It’s one of the most common reasons people take time off from work, and it’s one of the top reasons for disability claims. Understanding lower back pain and how to prevent it is a step toward ending the suffering and living a pain-free life.

  May 4, 2017   Injury 3 Comments   Read More

How to prevent soccer injuries

Use the right strategy and equipment to prevent injury

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It’s fun to watch, and kids and teens love playing it because it’s easy to learn and exciting to participate in. However, it’s a contact sport and injuries are common. Usually, injuries are minor, like scrapes and bruises, but knee and ankle injuries as well as broken bones and concussions can happen.

  March 20, 2017   Sports, Injury, Sport safety 0 Comments   Read More

Does my child have a concussion?

Velocity Care shares signs and symptoms of a concussion

It’s a Saturday morning and you are cheering on your child’s team as they take the lead. You watch from the sidelines as your child races toward the goal, only to see him on the ground the next moment from a hit. The coach rushes to your child’s side. He shakily gets to his feet. You wonder: Does he have a concussion?

  July 8, 2016   Health, Head, Injury, Concussion 0 Comments   Read More

Strains and sprains: What you need to know about soft tissue injuries

Velocity Care helps you determine the difference between a strain and a sprain

Soft tissues are often the first parts of the body to get injured in an accident or while participating in physical activity or sports. These soft tissues are most commonly known as connective tissues. They surround the bones and organs in the body and are made up of tendons, ligaments, fibrous tissue, skin and membranes. The most common injury to the soft tissue are strains and sprains.

  March 7, 2016   Sprains, Urgent Care, Injury, Strains 1 Comment   Read More

Broken bones: Common signs and treatment options

Visit Velocity Care to receive quality, timely treatment for your injuries

From falling off the monkey bars to falling down the stairs, broken bones are one of the most common injuries for both children and adults. As such, it is important to recognize the signs of a broken bone and follow the proper course of action when an injury occurs.

  September 14, 2015   Wellness, Broken Bones, Injury 2 Comments   Read More

All about sprains, strains and other sports injuries

Velocity Care shares ways to prevent and treat common athletic injuries

The long summer days of relaxing in the sun without a care in the world are coming to an end; vacation is over and it’s time to get back to your daily routines. If you’re an athlete, that includes your athletic training routine. But before you grab your running shoes and hurry off to the gym or field, make sure you take the proper health precautions to prevent an injury.

  September 3, 2015   Feet, Sports, Medical, Injury 0 Comments   Read More

Ingrown toenails: A pain in the foot

Common causes of and treatments for ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails, known medically as onychocryptosis or unguis incarnates, are a painful condition that occurs when the sharp corner of the nail digs into the skin at the end or side of the toe.

Generally, the first indication of an ingrown nail is pain, redness and swelling where the nail is digging into the skin. Any toe can have an ingrown nail, but the big toe is usually the one affected. Ingrown nails are common in adults and...

  August 13, 2015   Health, Feet, Ingrown toenails, Injury 0 Comments   Read More

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