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Safe medicine disposal

Learn how to properly dispose of your old medicines

Spring-cleaning is the perfect time to clean out your medicine cabinet and get rid of expired medications and those you no longer need. Keeping old medicines around can be dangerous, especially if they are in reach of children. Knowing how often you should clean out your medicine cabinet and how to properly dispose of medicines will help to avoid accidental ingestion and even abuse of medication.

Prescription drug abuse is a rising issue in...

  February 8, 2017   Medicine, Safety, medication 0 Comments   Read More

How often should you clean out your medicine cabinet?

Medication expiration dates matter

You hear your child coughing as he plays in the next room. After listening for a few minutes, you decide it’s bad enough that you should give him some cough medicine. Then, you discover the medicine expired three months ago. Now you must load your child into the car to purchase new medicine to ensure you aren’t risking his health by giving him expired medication.  

Keeping track of the expiration date of medicines and properly disposing of them is important...

  February 6, 2017   Medicine, medication 0 Comments   Read More

What medicines should I have in my medicine cabinet?

Velocity Care shares the importance of a well-stocked medicine cabinet

It’s the middle of the night and you wake up with a sore throat. You slowly start moving to the medicine cabinet to search for some sort of relief. You shake the bottle only to find that nothing comes out. Now you’re stuck suffering in pain until a store opens or you can get to the doctor.

Have you ever found yourself sick without the medication you need to feel better? How often have you discovered the medicine you have...

  January 27, 2017   Health, Wellness, Medicine 0 Comments   Read More

Utilize a current medication check list

Prepare for your visit with the doctor by keeping track of what medicines you take

When seeking medical care, it is important to know what medications you take regularly. If your physician determines you need antibiotics or a prescription to care for your illness, he or she needs to know what you currently take in order to prescribe to you the proper medication and dosage. Some medications react differently if mixed or consumed with other medications. To ensure you don’t see an adverse...

  September 2, 2016   Medical, Medicine, Prescription 0 Comments   Read More

Infographic: The difference between prescription and OTC medicine

Velocity Care compares the two types of medications

There are a variety of medications available to treat and cure a range of symptoms. Most fall into two broad categories: prescription or over-the-counter (OTC). According to the FDA, medications serve many purposes in health care. Diagnosing, treating, curing and preventing diseases are some of the reasons people take medication. The main differences between prescription and over-the-counter drugs are shown below in the side-by-side...

  April 28, 2016   Medicine, OTC, Prescription 0 Comments   Read More

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