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Vaccines aren’t just for kids

Adults should verify which shots they need as they age

Most people associate vaccinations with children. And it’s true, as children grow, vaccines are extremely important. Vaccines aren’t just for kids though. Do you know that vaccines are just as important for adults?

Some of the shots we get as children wear off as we age. This means you may be at risk of contracting different strains or new diseases. No matter your age, you need shots to protect yourself from serious and deadly diseases.

  December 29, 2016   Vaccines, shot 0 Comments   Read More

Don’t get caught without the shot: Importance of the tetanus shot

Why you and your family should get vaccinated

Tetanus, also known as lockjaw, is an infection caused by dangerous bacteria that affect the brain and nervous system. These bacteria are found worldwide in the soil and in human and animal feces. Infection occurs when the tetanus bacteria enter a wound and can cause serious symptoms such as tightness or uncontrollable spasms of the muscles in the neck and jaw, difficulty swallowing and painful and involuntary spasms of other muscles throughout...

  December 8, 2016   tetanus, shot 0 Comments   Read More

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