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How to tell the difference between a sore throat and strep throat

Velocity Care shares ways to ease a sore throat

As the weather changes, a common complaint often heard is that of a sore throat. Many people may automatically assume they have strep throat. However, there are a number of other reasons for a sore throat including allergies, colds and postnasal drips, which can lead to a sinus infection.

  October 14, 2016   Illness, Sore throat, Sick, Strep throat 0 Comments   Read More

Can I get sick in the summer?

Common summertime illnesses and how to prevent them

Many people associate viruses and sickness with cold weather, but there are still common illnesses that can affect you in the summer. The most common summertime viruses are enteroviruses (stomach bugs) and parainfluenza (respiratory bugs). It’s also possible to catch a rhinovirus (common cold) in the summer, so be sure to always wash your hands.

  June 8, 2016   Health, Illness, Summer, Travel, Teen, Adult, Adolescent, Toddler, Heat, Sick, Foodborne illnesses, Heatstroke 0 Comments   Read More

5 ways to avoid getting everyone in your office sick

Velocity Care shares office etiquette on managing illness and work

Taking time off of work isn’t always fun when it’s actually necessary, especially if it’s necessary because you’re not feeling well. In those situations, you may feel pressure to go to work anyway, and you aren’t alone: 90 percent of office workers occasionally show up to work sick.

  November 12, 2015   Sick 0 Comments   Read More

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