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5 ways to keep kids safe while swimming

Velocity Care provides tips to stay safe at the beach or pool

As the days heat up, swimming pools and beaches begin to look more inviting. You can make many wonderful summer memories while outdoors relaxing by the pool with family and friends or building sandcastles near the ocean. Swimming is a huge part of summer fun, but it’s important to remember swimming safety, especially when children are with you. Here are five tips to make sure you and your family have a fun and safe summer out in...

  May 14, 2017   Sports, Swimming, Sport safety 0 Comments   Read More

What are common tennis-related injuries?

6 ways you can prevent injuries while playing tennis

Tennis is a sport that appeals to people of all ages. It’s easy to learn and it’s fun to practice. Tennis is a great way to stay fit: You can burn anywhere from 250 to over 600 calories in an hour while playing! Since it’s such an active sport, injuries are common; so it’s important that you’re informed and know how to prevent getting hurt.

  May 11, 2017   Sports, Sport safety 0 Comments   Read More

How sports injuries impact children

4 ways to protect your children from sports-related injuries

Michael had a long day at his baseball tournament in the middle of the summer. After three hours of back-to-back games, he became groggy during his championship game due to dehydration. Because his head wasn’t in the game, he injured himself while sliding into home base.

Children are at a higher risk for injury than adults when it comes to sports like basketball, football, baseball and soccer because they’re still developing and...

  April 30, 2017   Sports, Outdoors, Sport safety 0 Comments   Read More

How to prevent soccer injuries

Use the right strategy and equipment to prevent injury

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It’s fun to watch, and kids and teens love playing it because it’s easy to learn and exciting to participate in. However, it’s a contact sport and injuries are common. Usually, injuries are minor, like scrapes and bruises, but knee and ankle injuries as well as broken bones and concussions can happen.

  March 20, 2017   Sports, Injury, Sport safety 0 Comments   Read More

What are common baseball injuries?

Keep young athletes injury-free in Little Rock and Shreveport

You teach your kids that in order to excel at a sport, it’s important to practice. Often, parents expect their children to practice year-round so they can perform at their best. The problem is that with many sports, including baseball, this can lead to overuse injuries. An overuse injury occurs when you use certain muscles repeatedly, which causes a lot of strain on them. Injuries can also occur because children aren’t...

  March 2, 2017   Sports, Sport safety 0 Comments   Read More

How to stay safe when playing basketball

Keep your children, teens and teammates safe while having fun

With its fast-paced rhythm, basketball is a great sport for children, teenagers and adults to enjoy for exercise and to play during the cold winter months. However, sports-related injuries often occur while playing basketball. Learn how to stay safe when playing basketball. 

  January 16, 2017   Sports, Sport safety 0 Comments   Read More

All about sprains, strains and other sports injuries

Velocity Care shares ways to prevent and treat common athletic injuries

The long summer days of relaxing in the sun without a care in the world are coming to an end; vacation is over and it’s time to get back to your daily routines. If you’re an athlete, that includes your athletic training routine. But before you grab your running shoes and hurry off to the gym or field, make sure you take the proper health precautions to prevent an injury.

  September 3, 2015   Feet, Sports, Medical, Injury 0 Comments   Read More

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