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When should you visit Velocity Care?

Learn more about the differences between an urgent care center and the emergency room

You have just sustained an injury or are in acute pain. Perhaps your child has a fever and your regular doctor’s office is closed. If you’re like most people, you think you need to head to the emergency room of your nearest hospital. If you’re in North Louisiana  there is probably a Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center close by, and we can help.

Emergency rooms are time-consuming and expensive. In most...

  March 8, 2017   Urgent Care, Velocity Care 0 Comments   Read More

Benefits of visiting an urgent care clinic

You need a walk-in clinic you can trust

Sometimes, you have a medical problem that isn’t a full emergency and yet you need it treated sooner than you can see your primary care doctor. These are urgent medical needs and are best treated at a walk-in urgent care clinic.

An emergency situation is one in which a person’s life is threatened or the injury may cause future impairment. Urgent care clinics treat medical issues requiring care within 24 hours that are not life-threatening emergencies.

  December 22, 2016   Urgent Care 2 Comments   Read More

This one’s for you, the patient

Velocity Care celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week

This week is all about you, the patient. Were you just thinking, “Wait, isn’t health care always about the patient?” That it is, but everyone could use a little reminder now and again.

Providing health care to patients is an important job, but it’s more than just a job, it’s caring for someone’s life. As the patient, it is vital that you and your physician work together to help reduce harm and negligence within the health care system....

  March 12, 2016   Health, Safety, Urgent Care, Patient 0 Comments   Read More

Should I be worried about my moles?

Important information on the health of your skin from Velocity Care

Moles are normal, pigmented groups of cells that form together to make a small, round area of skin. Moles are usually soft to the touch, can be slightly raised and can range from light brown to almost black in color. Moles usually appear in childhood and can darken due to sun exposure in adolescence or during pregnancy.

  March 8, 2016   Health, Moles, Urgent Care, Sun 0 Comments   Read More

Strains and sprains: What you need to know about soft tissue injuries

Velocity Care helps you determine the difference between a strain and a sprain

Soft tissues are often the first parts of the body to get injured in an accident or while participating in physical activity or sports. These soft tissues are most commonly known as connective tissues. They surround the bones and organs in the body and are made up of tendons, ligaments, fibrous tissue, skin and membranes. The most common injury to the soft tissue are strains and sprains.

  March 7, 2016   Sprains, Urgent Care, Injury, Strains 1 Comment   Read More

How to prepare your child for visits to an urgent care center

Velocity Care offers ways to calm your child’s fear of the doctor

Let’s face it, going to the doctor or an urgent care clinic can be a very scary thought for children, especially if they’ve never been before. Many adults fear visiting the doctor (and the dentist) due to their own experiences as children. Velocity Care understands the importance of successful visits at a young age to ensure that health care is maintained throughout life.

  February 29, 2016   Children, Urgent Care, Child, Doctor, Fear 0 Comments   Read More

CDC urges rapid antiviral treatment of very ill and high suspect influenza patients

Flu season is here

Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center received a Center for Disease Control health advisory regarding severe influenza illnesses reported.

  February 2, 2016   Flu, Urgent Care, Healh 0 Comments   Read More

Does this look infected?

How to care for a minor wound and spot an infection

At some in our lives we all suffered from minor cuts or scrapes. These minor injuries generally heal on their own with no real medical intervention necessary. However, if bacteria enter into the wound, they can cause a potentially serious infection. Velocity Care offers advice on caring for minor wounds and knowing when you should seek medical attention for an infection.

  January 28, 2016   Wound, Infection, Urgent Care, Care 2 Comments   Read More

How long will I have to wait?

Velocity Care values your time

When you or your family needs urgent treatment, time is of the essence. Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Centers keep wait periods short by having emergency doctors on staff at all times.

  January 27, 2016   Urgent Care, Hours, FAQS 2 Comments   Read More

All about snake bites

What to do if a snake bites you or a loved one

There are a wide variety of snakes living in the southern United States. Generally, snakes will only bite if you provoke or startle them. More often than not, if you ignore them, they will ignore you. It is important to be aware of your surroundings when outside, especially near bodies of water and areas of overgrowth.

  January 25, 2016   Health, Urgent Care, Snake bites 0 Comments   Read More

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