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What medicines should I have in my medicine cabinet?

Velocity Care shares the importance of a well-stocked medicine cabinet

It’s the middle of the night and you wake up with a sore throat. You slowly start moving to the medicine cabinet to search for some sort of relief. You shake the bottle only to find that nothing comes out. Now you’re stuck suffering in pain until a store opens or you can get to the doctor.

Have you ever found yourself sick without the medication you need to feel better? How often have you discovered the medicine you have...

  January 27, 2017   Health, Wellness, Medicine 0 Comments   Read More

5 most common autoimmune diseases

Explore the signs and symptoms of the most common types of autoimmune disorders

What is an autoimmune disorder?

Our immune systems work to keep our bodies healthy by attacking invading cells such as viruses or bacteria that could potentially make us sick. In some instances, however, the immune system may malfunction and begin to attack healthy cells in the body. This is called an autoimmune disorder, and it is unknown what the exact causes of this type of disease are.

  September 6, 2016   Health, Disease, Wellness, Disorder, Autoimmune 0 Comments   Read More

What are the best ways to get ready for school?

Tips and advice to help you handle getting back into the fall-through-spring routine

Summer vacation is quickly coming to an end. It’s time to switch gears and adjust your child’s schedule for the school year. Parents of school-aged children need to be aware of sleep schedules, food intake, potential stressors and extracurricular activities. Ensuring you have a handle on the factors that affect your children will help you (and them) get ready for school.

  August 10, 2016   Children, Health, Wellness, School, Child 0 Comments   Read More

Is it possible to avoid mosquito-borne illnesses?

Velocity Care explains how to keep your family safe

The West Nile virus … malaria … yellow fever … and now the Zika virus. For such a tiny insect, the mosquito causes more human suffering and anxiety than perhaps any other organism. According to the World Health Organization, mosquito-borne illnesses sicken hundreds of millions of people each year. There are only two places on Earth without mosquitoes (Antarctica and Iceland); the rest of us will have to learn to tolerate and adapt to the...

  July 5, 2016   Health, Illness, Summer, Wellness, Infection, Mosquito 0 Comments   Read More

Know the signs of dehydration

Learn how to listen to your body and stay healthy in the heat

The record for the longest amount of time without sleep is 11 days. A person can live for a few weeks without food. Your body can only go about three to four days without water.

  May 31, 2016   Children, Health, Outdoors, Teen, Wellness, Diarrhea, Nausea, Dehydration, Active, Family, Staying active, Runners, Vomiting, Adults 0 Comments   Read More

5 ways more sleep will improve your health

Lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health; find out why

We are all guilty of not getting enough sleep. It seems there isn’t enough time in the evenings for most people to do everything they need or want to before bed. From the kids’ homework and bedtime routines to cleaning up or finishing the work you brought home, there’s always something we need to do before we can finally hit the hay. Whatever the reason you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s negatively affecting your health.

  March 18, 2016   Wellness, Sleep, Healh 0 Comments   Read More

What can vitamins in your foods do for you?

Tips from Velocity Care for getting the nutrients you need

A visit to any pharmacy or health food store can leave you overwhelmed with the vast assortment of different vitamin and mineral supplements available. How do you know which ones to choose when faced with so many confusing options? Before you buy, take a look at the foods you ingest. It is important to note that enjoying a healthy, varied, whole food diet is the best way to receive nutritional benefits.

  December 15, 2015   Health, Vitamins, Wellness, Food, Healthy eating 0 Comments   Read More

5 things you didn’t know about your bones

Velocity Care describes interesting facts about the 206 bones in your body

Do you drink two glasses of milk per day? You may think that’s enough, but two glasses are only about half of the calcium your body needs to have strong bones. Without strong bones or any bones, your body would just be a blob. Bones provide a structure for the body and protect some of the most vital organs.

Velocity Care compiled a list of five interesting facts to help you have healthy bones:

  December 6, 2015   Health, Wellness, Bones, Broken Bones 0 Comments   Read More

5 habits that may harm your eyes

Velocity Care reveals common habits that are bad for your eyes

When you were a child your mother probably warned you: “Don’t look directly at the sun.” Now that you’re older, you know how harmful UV rays are to your eyes. Velocity Care reveals five common habits that everyone seems to do that might be harming their eyes. Now is the time to change these bad habits to protect and improve your vision.

  December 4, 2015   Health, Eyes, Wellness 0 Comments   Read More

What are the options for treating high blood pressure?

Velocity Care discusses nutraceuticals for heart health

High blood pressure affects a great number of Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 70 million American adults (one in three people) suffer from high blood pressure. This affliction can cause damage to arteries which, if left untreated, can lead to an aneurysm, heart attack, kidney failure, stroke or eye damage.

  November 5, 2015   High blood pressure, Wellness, Heart, Blood pressure 1 Comment   Read More

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