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Why caring for a wound matters

Walk-in clinic shares valuable wound-related lessons

When you accidentally scratch or cut yourself, you may not consider it a wound. Usually, the word wound makes people think of a large gash in the skin. Surprisingly, there are a number of different types of wounds. And no matter the type, the greatest risk is an infection, which is why proper wound care matters.

Keep reading to learn about the types of wounds, how to care for wounds and when to seek expert care.

  December 2, 2016   Wound, Care 0 Comments   Read More

Does this need stitches?

Velocity Care explains how to tell if a cut or wound may need extra attention

Your child was playing outside and got a nasty looking wound. Perhaps you were doing work around the house and accidentally cut yourself with a sharp tool or kitchen knife. These kinds of mishaps happen to everyone from time to time. How do you know if it’s serious enough for a trip to the doctor and stitches?

  June 2, 2016   Children, Health, Hands, Senior, Teen, Adolescent, Toddler, Medical, Wound, Arms, Legs, Laceration repair/stitches, Child, Cuts, Stitches, Face 3 Comments   Read More

Does this look infected?

How to care for a minor wound and spot an infection

At some in our lives we all suffered from minor cuts or scrapes. These minor injuries generally heal on their own with no real medical intervention necessary. However, if bacteria enter into the wound, they can cause a potentially serious infection. Velocity Care offers advice on caring for minor wounds and knowing when you should seek medical attention for an infection.

  January 28, 2016   Wound, Infection, Urgent Care, Care 2 Comments   Read More

Ouch! That’s hot!

Caring for minor burns

There are few injuries that are as painful and aggravating as a burn. Whether you accidently placed your hand on a stove, touched a hot curling iron or sunbathed for too long, that excruciating sting can often linger for several days and sometimes even weeks. Although minor burns are uncomfortable, they are common and definitely treatable if you take the proper steps.

  September 23, 2015   Wound, Burns, First aid 0 Comments   Read More

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