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  Velocity Care   August 20, 2015   Health, Insurance, Urgent Care, Payments, Value Card, Clinic 0 Comments

Value card offers savings for Velocity Care patients

New program saves money at each visit

Velocity Care Value Card for uninsured patientsAt Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center, we are here to serve you with the best care with little to no wait. As we receive
feedback from our patients, we continually work to improve the services we provide and offer you new services to enhance your care.

Now, we are pleased to offer the Velocity Care Value Card, a program that provides discounted rates for visits

  • for our uninsured patients,
  • their families
  • and even their employees.

The card only costs $99 per year.

It can pay for itself after one visit and covers up to four people per card.


We want our patients to know that visiting an urgent care center is often their best option because there, they don’t have spend as much time or money to receive treatment, as compared to an ER visit.

Patient savings vary between comprehensive office visits and standard office visits.

Covered under standard office visits:

  • Steroid injections

  • B-12 injections

  • Urine screenings

  • Blood sugar testing

  • Burn care

  • Ear irrigation

  • Oral medication administration

Covered under comprehensive office visits:

  • X-rays

  • Sutures, staples

  • Strep, flu, mono tests

  • Incision and drainage

  • Pain/NSAID injections

  • Ingrown nails

  • EKG and nebulizer treatments

  • IV fluids and medications

  • One recheck visit after sutures/incision and drainage

  • Orthopedic splints

  • In-house labs

Not covered at Velocity Care

Our clinics do not accept ambulances. If we deem that you need to be seen in a hospital setting, we will call an ambulance for you. If you experience extensive rectal bleeding, seizures, pregnancy related problems or snake bites we recommend going straight to a hospital.

Stop by one of our Louisiana or Arkansas clinics to pick up your new Velocity Care Value Card and start saving money today! Learn more information about our Value Card here

Uninsured patients may benefit from the Value Card 


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