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  Andrea Benaim   March 2, 2017   Sports, Sport safety 0 Comments

What are common baseball injuries?

Keep young athletes injury-free in Little Rock and Shreveport

Make sure you know what injures you child could get whie playing baseball.

You teach your kids that in order to excel at a sport, it’s important to practice. Often, parents expect their children to practice year-round so they can perform at their best. The problem is that with many sports, including baseball, this can lead to overuse injuries. An overuse injury occurs when you use certain muscles repeatedly, which causes a lot of strain on them. Injuries can also occur because children aren’t strengthening the muscles they don’t need when they focus on only one sport.

Keep your child healthy this spring and summer by staying informed on types of sports injuries and ways to prevent them.

Baseball injuries

Historically, baseball has a low injury rate in comparison to other sports, but the injuries tend to be more severe. According to The Huffington Post, since the year 2000, serious shoulder and elbow injuries have increased in frequency by 500 percent for baseball and softball players. About 45 percent of kids between the ages of 13 and 14 experience arm pain during a baseball season.

Six common baseball injuries in children and teens:

  1. Little league elbow.
  2. Little league shoulder.
  3. Ankle sprains.
  4. Concussions.
  5. Muscle strains.
  6. General overuse injuries.

Seven ways to prevent baseball injuries

Although it’s difficult to prevent baseball injuries because they’re unexpected in nature, having a sports physical prior to starting a new season can be helpful. The doctor can examine your child to be sure he or she is physically fit to play. Other helpful ways to prevent a baseball injury are:

  1. Warm up and stretch properly.
  2. Practice proper pitching and catching techniques.
  3. Maintain a good fitness level.
  4. Don’t play year-round.
  5. Don’t pitch with shoulder or elbow pain.
  6. Follow the accepted and published guidelines for pitch count, resting and maximal pitches per day.
  7. Wear the appropriate safety gear:
  • Batting helmets.
  • Catcher’s masks.
  • Pads.
  • Athletic supporters.
  • Shoes with rubber spikes.

If your child starts feeling strain or pain this season, ice the area and make sure he or she gets enough rest. Persisting pain can be a sign of a more severe overuse injury. If treatment is necessary, Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center has walk-in clinics in Little Rock, Arkansas, and in Shreveport, Louisiana, ready to help ease your child’s pain from a baseball-related injury.

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