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  Calli Rathsam   August 10, 2015   Children, Health, Vaccines, Wellness, Prevention 0 Comments

What to expect when vaccinating your child

Velocity Care answers your vaccine questions

Child receives vaccines through a shotGetting a child vaccinated can be tough for parents to deal with, considering all the information you need to wade through about vaccination requirements, the misinformation about vaccines in the media and the common fear of needles.

We created a quick guide that will help you through the vaccination process.

Why vaccinate

Vaccinations are required because not only do they protect children from a variety of serious and life-threatening illnesses, they also help to protect those who are too sick to get vaccinations themselves due to autoimmune and other diseases. They also protect future generations by helping to eradicate dangerous diseases like smallpox and measles.

School requirements

Certain vaccinations are required for children in the state of Louisiana and Arkansas in order for them to attend daycare or school unless there is a medical, philosophical or religious exemption on record. Contact your state’s department of health for more information on filing a vaccination exemption.

Recommended vaccines

Some vaccinations, like the flu shot, are not required but are highly recommended for those eligible for the immunization, including children as young as six months and pregnant women. The flu vaccination is available either as a shot or a nasal spray for those who have sensitivities to the flu shot.

Fear of needles

If your child is in need of a vaccination but has a fear of needles or is anxious about going to get immunizations, there are a number of ways to take his mind off of what is happening. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Be relaxed; children can sense anxiety and your anxiety will make them more anxious.

  • Distract them with a favorite story, toy or music.

  • Plan something fun for after the appointment; it will give your child something to look forward to.

  • Let the doctor or nurse in charge of the vaccination know ahead of time of your child’s reticence. Medical professionals are trained on how to help children through the immunization process.

Velocity Care clinics offer injury related vaccines and influenza vaccines. If your family is in need of flu vaccinations and cannot get an appointment with your primary care doctor, be sure to visit our website, www.velocitycare.com, to find the clinic nearest you.

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