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  Marjorie Comer   November 9, 2016   X-ray, Tips 0 Comments

When to get an X-ray

Velocity Care shares information about X-ray capabilities

X-rays aren't just for broken bones.

When most people think of X-rays, they think of broken bones. However, an X-ray shows so much more than simply a sprain or fracture. 

It may surprise you to find there are many reasons to get an X-ray. A doctor may prescribe an X-ray for a variety of illnesses and injuries or for another reason entirely. We compiled the top three categories for X-rays below.

  • Illness.
    An X-ray can:
    • Assess your heart, lungs and even your chest wall.
    • Determine cause of shortness of breath or persistent cough.
    • Diagnose pneumonia.
    • Locate kidney stones and clarify the number of kidney stones. 
    • Scrutinize abdominal pain.
  • Injury.
    An X-ray can:

    • Ascertain if breaks and fractures are healing properly. 
    • Detect debris stuck in the body from accidents, injuries, medical procedures or items swallowed.
  • Other.
    Doctors use X-rays for more than illness or injury evaluation. An X-ray can also:
    • Determine if you have arthritis and if the arthrisits if worsening.
    • Check for osteoporosis.
    • Evaluate tooth decay. 

When physicians read X-rays, they see contrasting shades, which makes it easier to determine what may be wrong. In an X-ray, bones and metals show up as white in color, while fat and muscles are grey, and the air in your lungs shows as black. 

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