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  Shelby Leith   September 22, 2015   Health, X-ray, Exam 1 Comment

Why are X-rays such an important diagnostic tool?

Velocity Care doctors use X-ray vision to find and treat the problem

9543836_sIn 1885, a German physicist discovered electromagnetic radiation and found that electromagnetic rays could penetrate through skin and soft tissues to illuminate the inner structure of the body. This physicist, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, devised a method of capturing the skeletal images on photographic paper, resulting in a groundbreaking discovery that completely transformed the way that physicians diagnose patients. Today, billions of X-rays are taken each year in the U.S. alone and doctors all over the world use X-ray technology to help them diagnose their patients’ conditions.

What does it show?

In an X-ray image, the denser the subject is, the whiter it will appear on the film. This means that elements like bone and metal will show as solid white. Tissue and fat appear as a light white or grey color and air (like inside the lungs) show up black.

Since tissue and organ details do not show up well in regular X-ray images, the doctor can administer either an oral or injectable contrast solution. This solution, once absorbed in the body, will allow the x-ray machine to capture clearer images of organs or blood vessels. This allows doctors to diagnose problems in areas that they would not be able to see otherwise.

Why might a doctor need X-rays?

X-rays assist doctors in determining what specific ailments are affecting their patients. X-rays are most commonly used to spot broken bones because breaks and fractures appear clearly in X-ray images, allowing doctors to rule out the possibility of sprains or strains. Chest X-rays can also alert physicians to the presence of pneumonia in the lungs.

Prior to having an X-ray, it is important to notify the technician if you are pregnant so that your doctor can pursue a different course of action that does not involve radiation.

Why are X-rays so important?

Patients’ symptoms sometimes point to more than one possible problem or diagnosis. Using electromagnetic radiation technology literally gives doctors the X-ray vision they need in order to see exactly what is going on inside the human body. It is a fast, painless and non-invasive procedure that allows doctors to make correct and accurate diagnoses.

Most importantly, X-rays help get patients the treatment they require, putting them on the road to recovery and back in good health as quickly as possible.

If you need an X-ray and don’t have the time to sit and wait in the emergency room, Velocity Care is equipped to read digital X-ray films with results interpreted immediately. Visit www.velocitycare.com/healthcare-services for a list of the services we provide.

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