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Be aware of various brain injury types.

Influenza season begins in the late fall. It is recommended to get your flu vaccine by the end of October. All Velocity Care clinics offer the quadrivalent vaccine, which covers all four strands of the influenza virus. It can take up to two weeks for the antibodies to become effective. Symptoms may not start for a couple of days so you can spread the flu to someone and not even know it.



Two viruses cause the flu:

  • Influenza A 
  • Influenza B



Symptoms include fever, body aches, headache, dry cough, and a sore throat. The symptoms are the worst the first 3 or 4 days. The flu can last up to a week. It is very contagious.



Velocity Care uses the latest technology to test for Influenza. A nasopharyngeal swab is taken and PCR testing is performed at the molecular level. This eliminates false negatives to ensure you get the correct treatment.



Since the flu is a virus, antibiotics will not treat it. Influenza is commonly treated with Tamiflu, an antiviral. It is important to rest and drink plenty of fluids.


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