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Be aware of various brain injury types.


A sprain is a stretch or tear in a ligament. Ligaments connect your bones to your joints. A strain is a stretch or a tear in a muscle or tendon. Tendons connect your muscles to your bones.


  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising


Velocity Care has digital X-ray to rule out the possibility of a fracture. Your provider will examine you and prescribe any medications or braces needed. If need be, Velocity Care can refer you to an Orthopedic doctor and give you a copy of your x-rays to take with you.

You will likely be instructed to practice “RICE” at home.


  • REST- don’t put weight on the affected area for 24-48 hours
  • ICE- Place a bag of ice on the injured area for 10 minutes at a time. Make sure to wrap the bag of ice so that it is not applied directly to your skin. The cold constricts the blood vessels and slows down the inflammation.
  • COMPRESSION- Wrapping the injured area will help to keep the inflammation down.
  • ELEVATION- Lie down and place the injured area about your heart. This keeps fluid from collecting there to reduce swelling.



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