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Velocity Care Value Card for uninsured patients

Value Card Application

A discount card for uninsured patients

Patients without insurance no longer have to worry about paying an average of $160 to $275 out-of-pocket for a comprehensive or standard visit to an urgent care clinic. The Value Card saves uninsured patients $45- $110 per visit to Velocity Care.

The Velocity Care Value Card is a discount program for up to four people per card and is available to:

  • our uninsured patients
  • their families
  • small businesses also offer this Value Card to their employees

The annual card costs $99 and can pay for itself after one visit.

Looking to apply or want more information? Fill out this form to download the application for the Value Card. Then bring your completed application into your nearest Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center today to start saving money.

Get your Value Card application today!